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The Official
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Don't be put off by the age of a Tinker - if looked after they can last forever!

Tinkers are no longer being manufactured, so a good place to get one is here!


Caveat Emptor - verify before you buy.

For Sale
Tinker Star Traveller
Guildford, Surrey.
(ad placed 15/10/2014)
Star Traveller 1209.  One owner from new.  Factory modified to replace bulkhead with bow stiffener beam and replace valves.   Very lightly used for sailing; mainly a yacht tender and liferaft.
  • 2 x CO2 bottles (unused), drogue and canopy skirt.
  • Roller furling jib and small jib.
  • 2 x storage and carry bags.
  • Pump and oars.
Slow leak in port tube.

Price £450.

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For Sale
Tinker Tramp
£donation to the RNLI
London SW15
(ad placed 28/09/2014)
This Tinker Tramp has been stored in my shed for the last 10 years since I used it as a tender with my cruising yacht.  I do not know how old it is but I bought it second hand in 2001.  It is in need of a bit of TLC but generally sound.

I am looking for it to go to a new home in return for a donation to the RNLI.

Price £donation to the RNLI.

  Will Collins 01  

For Sale
Tinker Star Traveller
Maidenhead, Berkshire.
(ad placed 24/09/2014)
Sail number 988.  Originally a family boat - purchased in 1985, (with paperwork and 2 'Tinker Travelogue' magazines from the time!), this has been well loved but recently not seen much use and has been stored in our shed, so is now in need of a little TLC.

Rigging and sails all intact, including main sail, self furling jib, oars (+ spare junior oars), mast support, 3 part mast, boom, dagger board, tiller, bow brace, footpump included.  A few new lines are needed (valve retainers etc).

The hull fabric is sound, and still flexible, but needs a clean and boards could do with a paint.  Also 2 of the valves need replacing as these have slight leaks.   (NB new valves can be fitted for £60 each by RIB Repair, they are based in Lymington, Scott Braye - Tel: 01590 624738  Suitable valve parts might also be available from the Rib Shop or similar).

We would ideally like it to go to a new home and sail again, but equally happy if someone can use it for spares.

Cash on collection weekday afternoons or weekends.

Price £100.

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Tinker Tramp
London or West Spain
(ad placed 08/09/2014)
Wanted due to theft, the hull and oars of a post 2001 Tinker Tramp thus fitting the non-performance sailing kit which we still have sail number 7702.

Will buy rigging and sails etc as well if need be.

email  Christopher Singer
Tel: 07917 696911

For Sale
Tinker Traveller
Lymington, Hampshire.
(ad placed 05/09/2014)
Tinker Traveller latest model.  Very good condition with the advanced sailing rig.  Some additions made such as quick connects and shroud tensioning system.  Mast sections numbered for ease of assembly.  Most rigging pre-rigged.

Comprises as per photos:
  • Traveller
  • Foot pump
  • Centre plate and hinged rudder
  • Mast sections numbered and pre-rigged for ease or assembly
  • Mast base reinforcing box
  • Furling jib
  • Performance mainsail and main sheet
  • Bags for all components
  • Launch wheels
  • Two part wooden captive oars

Price £1600.

  Derek Fern 01  

For Sale
Tinker Traveller
£500 o.n.o.
Bedworth, Warwickshire
(ad placed 05/09/2014)
Tinker Traveller, sail number 195.  Comes with 3 part mast, launch trolley, oars with captive rowlocks, pump, daggerboard, rudder and extending tiller and sails.  Has had 2 minor puncture repairs.

Price £500 o.n.o.

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For Sale
Tinker Traveller
Eastbourne, East Sussex.
(ad placed 31/07/2014)
Tinker Traveller, manufactured in 2003, yellow, sail number 7487.

Performance sailing kit:
  • Kicking strap, tiller extension, etc.
  • Minsail, furling masthead jib, smaller jib
  • 4 piece alloy mast
  • Jointed oars
  • Compact folding anchor in bag
  • Alloy boathook
  • Conformity certificate
  • Bags for everything
  • Lunching trolley
  • 2 adult XM manual lifejackets
Condition immaculate (each part handwashed every trip).

Yamaha 2.5 HP 4-stroke outboard, tiller extension.  Barely run in.

Price £1895.

  Barry Carr 01  
  Barry Carr 02  

For Sale
Tinker Star Traveller
(ad placed 15/06/2014)
Tinker Star Traveller, sail no. 6316, built April 1998 "Carpe Diem", colour red with blue spraydeck.

Lightly used by original owner on freshwater lake, purchased by current owner in December 2001 and used on the sea on only 3 occasions in 2002/3, since when dry-stored in Anglesey cottage.

Transom imprinted "GBJMH06316C098" and fitted with outboard engine plates and launch wheel fixings.

Comes with:
  • Performance sailing equipment, plus lazyjacks to main
  • Webbing footstraps
  • Tinker folded boat cover
  • Tinker zipped bag containing mast support bar (2 mast foot positions), 3-piece mast with standing rigging and boom, etc
  • Sailbag containing windowed battened main, furling windowed masthead jib, small jib, etc
  • Daggerboard
  • Rudder and extending tiller
  • Oars with captive rowlocks
  • Lightweight boathook
  • Launch wheels
  • Rope swimming/boarding ladder
  • 2.5 kg folding anchor with 22 metre rode of cable-laid nylon and 6mm diameter chain
  • Bravo 2 inflation/deflation footpump
  • Tinker repair kit (unused)
  • Waterproof container, bailer and folding S/S knife and spike, all fitted with lanyards
  • Stern painter
  • 2 x adult 'Musto', 1 x 'Helly Hansen (6-10 stone) and 1 x 'Crewsaver (6-10 stone) buoyancy jackets

Price £1500 o.n.o.  Viewing by arrangement.

email  Graham Bridge
Tel: 01625 511355
Mob: 07774 436052
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For Sale
Tinker Tramp
Southampton area
(ad placed 05/06/2014)
Tinker Tramp, sail no. 7144, year 2001 (purchased).

Originally brought for family sailing but hardly used.  It was used as a tender once.  It has never been sailed.

Hull in good condition, some marks from storage.  Rig in perfect condition, it has never been used.  The sails have only been unfolded for these photographs.  The rudder and centreboard have also not been used and there is a tiller extension still in its bag.  All ropes are still coiled up as supplied.  Comes with foot pump, oars, and most other accessories.

Based near Southampton.  Delivery possible.

Price £1400.

email  Daniel Norbury
Tel: 01489 583933
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Tinker Tramp Launching Trolley & Traveller
Isle of Wight
(ad placed 25/05/2014)
Wanted, launching trolley for Tinker Tramp.

Also cheap Traveller, would consider hull only.

I am on Isle of Wight but travel up M3 to Maidenhead regularly so needs to be reasonably located geographically.

email  Alan Jones
Tel: 07931 538601

For Sale
Tinker Traveller
£1400 o.n.o.
Hunstanton, Norfolk.
(ad placed 11/05/2014)
Tinker Traveller, sail no 6933, bought new in 2000.  Comes with launching trolley, Yamaha 'Malta' 3.3hp 2-stroke outboard and Yamaha M-20 'E-Drive' electric outboard.  Jamming cleats and a kicking strap fitted from new.

It has had light use for day-sailing and motoring, and occasionally on the sea so it has a masthead buoyancy bag to prevent it inverting after a capsize in deep water, a compass and a small anchor.

The petrol engine has only been run for a few minutes at a time in a water-bath for the last few years so probably needs a service).  It needed a new water-pump impeller after about 50 hours running, but has otherwise been reliable.

The boat has never been damaged or repaired.

Price £1400 o.n.o. if buyer collects.

email  Ric Wickham
Tel: 01485 535630
Mob: 07559 932509
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For Sale
Tinker Super Tramp
£1495 o.n.o.
Egham, Surrey.
(ad placed 23/02/2014)
Tinker Super Tramp, sail no. 6109, year 1996 and in the same family since new.  It is full spec with performance sailing kit - standard jib, a furling masthead jib, mainsail, all ropes and spars, foot pump, tiller extension, oars, full inflatable canopy (for use as a liferaft) trolley and wheels etc.

All in excellent condition - not used much at all over the years, as can be seen.

Price £1495 o.n.o.

email  Sarah Higgins
Tel: 07824 777624
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