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The Official
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Don't be put off by the age of a Tinker - if looked after they can last forever!

Tinkers are no longer being manufactured, so a good place to get one is here!


Caveat Emptor - verify before you buy.

For Sale
Tinker Tramp
(ad placed 19/05/2017)
Tinker Tramp, sail number 2031, probably mid-1990's.  Very reluctantly, due to age, I have to sell my lovely Tinker Tramp - she's been a joy for the past three years.  She's in excellent condition for her age - no patches, all sections inflate with no leakage.

Ready to sail, apart from one side rope which needs replacing.

She comes complete with centreboard, rudder and tiller, oars, all in good condition, and a foot pump.  Mainsail and jib both in good condition.

She makes an exceptional tender to a yacht, being much easier to scull than the normal rubber dinghy, and very dry.

Buyer to collect, RG25 area.

Price £435.

email  Diana Wainman
Tel: 01256 770253
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For Sale
Tinker Super Tramp
Broadbottom, Greater Manchester
(ad placed 15/05/2017)
Enthusiast getting old!  Uncommon Super Tramp, 2003, new shape, sail No 7427.  Alloy bow stiffener, performance sailing rig (reefing main, furling jib), plus storm jib.  Tiller extension, drain plugs, removable rear wheels.  Mast, boom, oars all in sections to keep maximum length below 1.3m for travel, bags for rigging and sails.

Sailed about 3 times a season in Chichester Harbour, excellent condition, no leaks or patches.

Comes with free old 1.5 hp outboard - extremely beaten up, but tiny and only 10kg, I strap it to the thwart when sailing!

Collection preferred, or will deliver at cost about 50 mile radius from Manchester area.

Price £1100.

email  Mike Markin
Tel: 01457 763917
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For Sale
Tinker Tramp
(ad placed 15/05/2017)
After many years of service I have decided to sell my Tinker Tramp.  She needs a little loving care, although she is in serviceable condition.  It would be nice to think that someone with limited cash could get afloat and sail with her.  I have regularly painted and varnished her.  I think she is about mid 1980s, hence the competitive asking price.

Buyer would have to collect unless very near.

Price £200.

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For Sale
Tinker Star Traveller
Solihull, West Midlands.
(ad placed 28/04/2017)
Tinker Star Traveller, sail number 6841, year of manufacture 1999.  Dry stored since new and only used on a handful of occasions since new.  Almost unmarked and in original condition.  No patches.

Comes with:
  • crisp clean sails (main, furling jib, storm jib)
  • oars
  • dagger board
  • rudder with tiller extension
  • mast and boom
  • rigging
  • manual and electric pumps
  • fenders
Includes original purchase documentation.

I also have a 5hp 4-stroke nearly new Tohatsu short shaft outboard engine and external tank for sale by separate negotiation.

Collection from Solihull only.

Price £1400.
email  Matt Kudanowski
Tel: 07588 102979
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For Sale
Tinker Foldaway RIB
(ad placed 15/04/2017)
Tinker Foldaway RIB, sail number 6695, with all the necessary accessories including mainsail & foresail.

The bought was bought secondhand about 6/7 years ago, it has been rarely used and is in good condition.  It can be folded for ease of transport, it also has a repair kit which has not been used.

The wood is immaculate, a really fun vessel for sail or motor use.

It is available for collection in Devon.

Price £1100.

email  David Batten
Mob: 07907 784934
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For Sale
Tinker Foldaway RIB
Derby area
(ad placed 18/03/2017)
Tinker Foldaway RIB, yellow with blue bow dodger, sail number 6742.  Very light use from new, used on inland waters only.  Very good condition.

Comes with all sailing gear, oars, pump, carry bags (one for the mast, boom, oars and the other for the hull).

Price £975.

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For Sale
Tinker Traveller
East Grinstead, East Sussex, just off the M23.
(ad updated 18/03/2017)
Tinker Traveller, sail number 7624, approximate year of manufacture 2004 - 2006.   Comes with furling jib and spare sail, collapsible launching trolley, assembly sheet, oars, daggerboard, rudder, mast and boom, sails, pump and rigging.  Includes spare valves and caps.

No patches or repairs.  Clean, sound, solid example of this iconic craft.

See Tinker site for full spec.

Tinker Traveller price £1075.

Collection only.

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For Sale
Unused 2015 outboard
East Grinstead, East Sussex, just off the M23.
(ad changed 14/03/2017)
For sale, new, unused 4HP, 4 stroke Tohatsu outboard motor bought originally for a Tinker Traveller.  Short shaft, with external tank, 2015, guaranteed for three years, with all the paperwork.

Price £495.

Collection only.

  Marion Floyd2 01  

For Sale
Tinker Traveller
£500 o.n.o.
Chippenham, Wiltshire.
(ad placed 11/02/2017)
Tinker Traveller, manufactured 1985.  Built by Steve Lovell.  No repairs.

Complete with, oars, original pump plus spare pump, daggerboard, rudder, mast, boom, sails, rigging.  Includes spare valves and inserts.  Plus has plywood box for stern seat that holds repair kit, transom mounting wheels etc.

Inner safety tubes no longer hold air but outer hulls are fine.  Slight water leak (centre board case?).  Has been in use as rowing tender for 30 years with occasional sailing.  Has fittings for liferaft canopy and CO2 inflation but other parts never purchased.

Last used September 2016 in Lake District where this photo was taken.

Very sad to part with this most excellent dinghy but it is now too heavy for us and so has been replaced with 3D dinghy.

Price £500 o.n.o.  Delivery not included.

email  John Moncrieff
Tel: 01249 651644
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For Sale
Tinker Tramp
Sailing Kit
(ad placed 01/11/2016)
Tinker Tramp in very good condition.

I also have a sailing kit if required.

Price - Tinker Tramp £575, sailing kit £200.

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For Sale
Tinker Traveller and Outboard
Costa Rica
(ad placed 14/09/2016)
Tinker Traveller, year of manufacture 1984.  It was in very good condition in 2013 and worked very well for me.  It loses air slowly, the wood is in good condition but could do with being painted.  The is no mast or boom, but the sails and all the wooden parts (rudder and daggerboard) are OK.  The outboard and tank probably need servicing following some saltwater exposure.

My preference is to sell as a whole, but will consider selling it by part.

Buyer to arrange delivery.

Price £300.

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For Sale
Tinker Star Traveller
(ad updated 01/09/2016)
Star Traveller, sail number 7142.  Little used, good order and well looked after.  No patches.

Complete with reefing main sail, self furling large jib and small jib.  Also oars, pump, launch trolley.

Ready to sail.

Reason for sale - grandson sailed it as a 10 year old onwards, but now gone AWOL!!

Can be viewed in Yorkshire or, by arrangement, at a Tinker sailing meeting.

Price £1450.

email  Elaine Ellwood
Tel: 01757 270352
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For Sale
Tinker Star Traveller
£1750 o.n.o.
Kidderminster, Worcestershire.
(ad updated 11/08/2016)
Tinker Star Traveller, sail number 6384.  Bought new from Henshaws in 1998.

This Tinker has hardly been used due to my far too busy working life.  It is therefore truly in mint condition.  It has been stored in a dry environment and has no patches, marks or scratches at all.  It has all original components including an unused self furling jib and oars.  The only sign of use is on the original outer storage cover, which has some dirty marks and the trolley, which has a slight paint peel.

Price £1750 o.n.o.

email  Terry Stack
Tel: 07854 640347
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For Sale
Tinker Traveller
£675 o.n.o.
(ad placed 05/08/2016)
Tinker Traveller number 5799 manufactured in 1995.  The boat has had very little use and has been dry stored.

Equipment includes safety inner tubes, 6' rigid oars, rowlocks, daggerboard case and seat, mast step, pump and boat bag.

Liferaft survival pack including inflatable canopy (unused) and CO2 inflation system.  Owners manual & liferaft instructions.

No sailing gear.

"Tinkerbell" is not being used and she is ready to go to a good home!

Price £675 o.n.o.

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For Sale
Tinker Traveller
£1300 o.n.o.
(ad placed 02/07/2016)
This Tinker Traveller was purchased several years ago with the intention of sailing but we have never got round to doing it.  We believe that it has never been sailed and only ever used as a tender.

It has the inflatable life raft canopy along with a sea anchor, oars and all of the equipment shown in the photos.  It blows rigid and retains shape without leaking.

  • Overall length: 12' (3.66m)
  • Beam: 4'9" (1.45m)
  • Draft with daggerboard down: 2'10" (0.86m)
  • Mast height: 14'8" (4.47m)
  • Sail area: 50 sq ft (4.65 sq m)
  • Folded: 45" x 24" x 13" (114cm x 61cm x 33cm)
  • Hull weight: 70lb (32kg)
  • Rig: aluminium spars in sections of maximum 6' (1.83m)
  • Capacity: Up to 6 adults or 1250lb (565kg)

Price £1300 o.n.o.

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For Sale
Tinker Traveller
€1200 or £1000
Waterford, Republic of Ireland.
(ad placed 04/06/2016)
Inflatable boat.  Can be rigged for sailing, rowing, or motoring, and when deflated, fold up small enough to fit the boot of a medium sized car.  The mast breaks down into sections, none longer than 1.8m and fits comfortably onto a roof rack or into an estate car.

Can be sailed single handed or with crew.  They can take an outboard of up to 5hp.

Comes complete with oars, daggerboard, mast, and sails.  Fitted with full survival equipment including inflatable canopy and CO2 bottles.

Transport can be arranged.

Price €1200 or £1000.

email  Donal Brazil
Tel: +353-51-875636
Mob: +353-87-2886410
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For Sale
Tinker Traveller hull & oars
£475 o.n.o.
(ad placed 21/05/2016)
Tinker Star hull and oars, built circa 1995.  Good condition with one patch.  Original pump, carry bag and oars.

Stored in garage.

Price £475 o.n.o.

email  Huw Williams
Tel: 01392 445622
Mob: 07887 55762
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