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What is a Tinker?

Classic Style Star Traveller

Classic Style Star Traveller
1978 - 2001
New Style Star Traveller

'New' Style Star Traveller
2001 - 2010 (when production ceased)

Tinker is a class recognised by the RYA.

The original Tinker was designed by Fred Benyon-Tinker (so now you know where the name came from).  The Tinker class of sailing dinghies was initially developed by Henshaw Inflatables Ltd. over 25 years ago.  The Tinker has been evolving ever since, including a liferaft option with automatic inflation and inflatable 'tent'.  The hull shape of the Tramp and Traveller was updated in 2001.  The most noticable changes are the higher bow profile and the narrower exit profile of the stern.  The takeoff point for the jib is further forward on the new boat.

There are four basic models in the Tinker range:

• Traveller  -  (12'/3.66m long, 59ft2/5.45m2 sail area)
• Tramp  -  (9'/2.75m long, 52ft2/4.83m2 sail area)
• Foldaway Rib  -  (9'/2.75m long, 59ft2/5.5m2 sail area)
• Funsail  -  (10'3"/3.15m long, 52ft2/4.83m2 sail area)

With the 'performance sailing kit' which includes mast head jib with furling gear and mast beam (which runs internally from the mast step to the bow to prevent the bigger jib lifting the bow out of the water) the Traveller becomes a Star Traveller and the Tramp becomes a Super Tramp.

All the boats are inflatable, can be rigged for sailing, rowing or motoring and, when deflated, fold up small enough to go in the boot of a medium sized car.  The mast breaks down into sections, none longer than 1.8m (6ft) and fits comfortably onto a roof rack or into an estate car.

All the boats can be sailed single handedly or with one or more crew.  They can take an outboard of up to 4 h.p. (Tramp and RIB) and 5 h.p. (Traveller and Funsail).