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The Official
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Don't be put off by the age of a Tinker - if looked after they can last forever!

Tinkers are no longer being manufactured, so a good place to get one is here!


Caveat Emptor - verify before you buy.

For Sale
Tinker Foldaway RIB
£750 o.n.o.
Located in Haarlem (near Amsterdam), the Netherlands.
(ad placed 20/09/2021)
Tinker Foldaway RIB sailing dinghy, manufactured in August 2001, sail number 6967.

Comes with full unused sailing kit in new condition.   It is 9'/2.75m long, and has a 59ft2/5.5m2 sail area.  See the brochure.

I am the second owner of this Tinker foldaway RIB that has been used as a tender on a sailboat for several years.

As I have never used the sailing kit, it is time to offer it for sale to someone interested in a sailing dinghy/tender.

It combines ease of storage and transportation, rapid deployment (just inflate) and has the advantages of a rigid bottom when rowing/motoring and landing on a rocky shore.

The 2 small transom wheels makes it easy to roll up a ramp.

Condition - (see pictures, more pics/info available, just ask).  It is in a well used but ready to use condition and holds air/pressure for several days before needing a little top up.  There are no repairs to the air chambers, just some scuffing marks and missing a line on one side where the loops failed.

The fibreglass rigid parts have been maintained, repaired, upgraded with epoxy/fibreglass as shown on the pictures.  Some white paint would go a long way to make it looks nicer!

The sailing kit (see pictures) is as brand new, never installed and includes all that is shown on the pictures PLUS a few small items that were missed during pictures taking.

Included, but not limited to (see pictures for complete list):
  • Jib
  • Mainsail
  • 3 piece mast
  • Mast support beam
  • Daggerboard
  • Rudder/tiller
  • Two-piece wooden oars
  • Battens
  • Blocks
  • Original new repair kit
  • Various cables (including the ones removed from the bottom of the RIB)
Protected by the included cover when folded & stored on deck, always stored inside during winter.

Price £750 o.n.o.

Located in Haarlem (near Amsterdam), the Netherlands.  Pick-up or will deliver to a local shipping store of your choice who can do packaging/shipping for you.

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For Sale
Tinker Tramp
Central London,
near Victoria Station
(ad placed 29/08/2021)
Tinker Tramp, sail number 2568.  I am the second owner.  She has been used in the Mediterranean and was a marvellous tender.  One of the easiest boats to row I have every used.

She is in good condition.  See pictures, more pictures available on request.

She has the full sail kit in a separate bag, including jib and mainsail, boom and mast, daggerboard and rudder.  She has the original rigging except for one line which was lost and I have replaced.

She comes with a pump, repair kit and we're throwing in the grapnel anchor we used when we wanted to stop and go for swim.

Selling because we have sold our sailing boat, and need the space back at home.

Price £600.

  Nicholas Lovell 01
Nicholas Lovell 02
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For Sale
Tinker Super Tramp
£850 o.n.o.
(or Yorkshire in the
beginning of November)
(ad placed 29/08/2021)
Tinker Super Tramp TR5378 with full sailing kit.

This dinghy was purchased new in 1994 but has had very little use.  It includes the following:
  • Small jib
  • Large jib with roller reefing
  • Mainsail
  • 3 piece mast
  • Mast support beam
  • Dagger board
  • Rudder/tiller
  • One-piece wooden oars
  • Boat bag
  • Sail equipment bag
  • Manual pump
  • Electric pump
  • Anchor
  • Owners' manual and original brochures
This Super Tramp and its equipment is in excellent condition with no damage other than minor wear marks.  It has had very light use and 95% of its use has been on fresh water.

When not in use, it has always been deflated and stored in its bags indoors.

An elderly but fully working 2hp Yamaha outboard which is perfectly sized for this dinghy is also available.

Although the boat is in Aberdeenshire, I can arrange delivery at cost or I will be in Yorkshire at the beginning of November.

Price - Super Tramp £850, Outboard £120.

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Hugh Martin 02
Hugh Martin 03
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Hugh Martin 07

For Sale
Tinker Traveller
Sailing Rig
Easter Clunes, Kirkhill
(ad placed 13/08/2021)
I have a sailing rig for a Tinker Traveller for sale which includes mast, boom, mainsail and jib, daggerboard and rudder/tiller.

All in the original bag.

All used but in good working condition as seen in photos.

Price £100.

  John Offord 01
John Offord 02
John Offord 03

For Sale
Tinker Star Traveller
Near Lymington, Hants
(ad placed 31/07/2021)
Tinker Star Traveller, sail number 2616, manufactured in 1992.  Designed to carry up to 6 adults with an outboard of up to 6hp.

Comes with:
  • 3 piece mast of which the longest part is 6 feet
  • Mainsail, small jib and rolling genoa (all very little used)
  • Daggerboard
  • Rudder and tiller
  • Wooden oars
  • Anchor
  • Pump which inflates all 4 chambers very quickly
  • Pump which bails any water in her
  • Repair kit
  • Bag for storing deflated boat (approx. 45" x 21" x 12")
  • Launching trolley which can be easily disassembled (see photo)
  • Sail bag for jib and another for spars and other sails
  • Sanders cover which goes over boat with mast up
Bow dodger requires gluing in one place as shown in photo, and the floor boards need painting.  Otherwise she is in good condition with no repairs.

Price £750

  Anthea Fillingham 02
Anthea Fillingham 03
Anthea Fillingham 04
Anthea Fillingham 05
Anthea Fillingham 06

For Sale
Tinker Super Tramp Sailing Rig
£150 o.v.n.o.
Frinton on Sea, Essex.
(ad placed 25/07/2021)
Full Tinker Super Tramp sailng rig, comprising:
  • Oars
  • Mast
  • Boom with kicking strap
  • Mast Support
  • Bulkhead
  • Rudder with tiller extension
  • Daggerboard
  • Sails
I don't think these have been ever used - the mast is like new as are all the other bits.

Price £150 o.v.n.o.

email  Paul Downie
Mob: 07843 889400
  Paul Downie 01
Paul Downie 02

For Sale
Tinker Traveller
£425 o.n.o.
Ringwood, Hampshire.
(ad placed 12/07/2021)
Classic sailing Tinker Traveller, believed to be manufactured in 1992 but the sail number is not known.  Comes with full sailing rig, and the transom has been strengthened to take an outboard.

The sails have hardly been used.  Comes with oars, rowlocks, rudder, daggerboard, pump and folding trolley.

Price £425 o.n.o.  Buyer collects from Ringwood, Hampshire.

  Paul Windsor 01
Paul Windsor 02
Paul Windsor 03
Paul Windsor 04
Paul Windsor 05
Paul Windsor 06
Paul Windsor 07
Paul Windsor 08
Paul Windsor 09

For Sale
Tinker Star Traveller
Wheaton Aston, Staffordshire
(ad updated 11/07/2021)
Tinker Traveller 5482.  All equipment as shown in photos.  Requires repair to two holes.   Professional repair estimated at £80.

Further info or photos on request.

Price £425.

  Chris Guy 01
Chris Guy 02
Chris Guy 03
Chris Guy 04
Chris Guy 05
Chris Guy 06
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Chris Guy 09
Chris Guy 10
Chris Guy 11

For Sale
Tinker Star Traveller
£400 o.n.o.
Whitby, North Yorkshire
(ad placed 19/06/2021)
Classic Tinker Star Traveller, sail number 1540.  The boat was built by Andrew Butt in the late 1980's.  A good friend owned the boat from new.  I have owned it for four years and used it infrequently.

It has all the usual bits and bobs including the furling headsail. There have been two repairs over the years as shown in the photographs.  The air valves are the push button type.  Holds air well.

I live in Whitby but could deliver to other locations this summer - please ask.

Price £400 o.n.o.

  David Claughton 01
David Claughton 02
David Claughton 03
David Claughton 04
David Claughton 05
David Claughton 06
David Claughton 07

For Sale
Tinker Star Traveller
£750 o.v.n.o.
North Walsham
or Brundall,
(ad updated 06/06/2021)
Tinker Star Traveller, sail number 2526.  Complete performance sailing kit with standard jib and mast head jib with roller reefing.  The standard jib is unused.

All Tinker original accessories including two oars, dagger board and a pump.  Comes with detachable wheels - two at the back and one at the front.  A few patches (repairs) but no leaks.

Please call for more information or to view.

Price £750 o.v.n.o.

  Anita Jones 01
Anita Jones 02
Anita Jones 03
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Anita Jones 05
Anita Jones 06
Anita Jones 07

For Sale
Tinker Traveller Sails,
Rudder, & Daggerboard
(ad placed 02/06/2021)
I have the following Tinker parts from a classic Tinker Traveller that have not been used for years.  Sleeved mainsail 1668 in reasonable shape.  The jib got very dirty whilst in storage.

Daggerboard and rudder/tiller in excellent condition.

Price £200, which includes postage within the UK.

  John Cooney 01
John Cooney 02
John Cooney 03
John Cooney 04
John Cooney 05

For Sale
Tinker Foldaway RIB
(ad placed 10/05/2021)
Tinker Foldaway RIB, sail number 6762, manufactured in 1999.  There are a few age related marks but overall good condition.

It comes with full set of sails in very good condition, hardly used oars, daggerboard, and rudder.

Everything ready to go, though the main carrying bag needs a bit of attention.  I can put it on a pallet if required, or pickup from Hereford.

Please feel free to contact me if you require any more information.

Price £850.

email  Paul Kenyon
Mob: 07399 883994
  Paul Kenyon 01
Paul Kenyon 02
Paul Kenyon 03